Sunday, November 17, 2013

Statistically speaking...

Ever teach a class blind?

That is how I feel I am teaching AP Stats this year.  It is a new prep for me, as well as a new class at our school.  I am the only one teaching it at my school.  There are only 10 students in the class.  I love it and I hate it.  I feel like I am just keeping up with the material.  This is not unexpected.  I knew going into this, it would be difficult.  I just never imagined the material would make any sense until I had to teach the Stats Unit for Algebra 1.
I am truly in awe of how the mathematics connect.  There are lessons I teach that teach me something more about the beauty behind the math.  I count on it every year.  It's a perk of teaching.  Well, last week it hit me while driving home.  Algebra to AP Stats.  Who knew?  I look forward to seeing what else I can connect this year.


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