Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Almost a year

I would like to blame my lack of blogging on lots of things.  But, the blame is all on me.  I need to carve out the time.  And being inspired by Kate Nowak about just needing to get back to blogging.  I have been on the perimeter of the MboS looking in and wondering what it would be like to jump in feet first... Much like a little kid being prodded by their parents to jump into the pool.  Here I am again, testing the temperature with my toe.

Three, two, one...

And it's time to load up my children into the car, get them to school, and then get myself to school.  And alas, the firewall at school does not allow me to write there.  I shall continue this tonight.  I need to answer some questions that Kate posted on her website almost a week ago... but they keep spiraling in my mind.  And this is my first clue I need to start writing and get them out.

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