Monday, August 20, 2012

Quick. Think. Fail. Ish.

Today I attempted to use a mind map with my Algebra 2 class.  We went through the notes.  The students worked through the assessment.  We discussed the assessment to fix misconceptions.  I gave them one more assessment question to help distinguish a function and non-function.  Then... well... the thing I was so excited about last night.. the mind map of functions. 

"Draw a circle in the middle of the paper.  Write functions in it.  Then draw four squares.  The upper left is your definition of a function.  The lower left is where you write some examples.  The lower right is where you write non-examples.  And the upper right...."  Well, crap.  Ever draw a blank?  Quick.  Think.  Think.  Think more quickly.  Grab my phone and attempt to find the picture on pinterest?  Where did I put my original?  Think.  Think.  Oh no, three seconds has gone by.  Say something.  "Okay, and in the upper right corner... What does a function look like?  Take two minutes and fill this out silently.  Then we will share within our groups.  Then I'm going to collect this before you leave."    ... I hang my head for those two minutes.  I blew it.  I tried to salvage it.  I had missed the facts/characteristics in the upper right corner.  Que sera, sera. 

I wasn't really expecting these to be stellar since I couldn't remember the first quadrant piece.  But I got some awesome feedback none the less.  I saw which kids really understood it, which kids just copied/regurgitated the notes right back at me, and which kids still had some misconceptions.  I was able to give feedback directly on it.  In short, I will do this activity again.  But next time, I will have the correct information in front of me!  And next time, I will stress the fact it was supposed to be in YOUR OWN WORDS.

Now, to have some sort of activity for the three different forms of graphing a line...

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